• About the Artist

    My name is Danielle and I am a multimedia artist who goes by the pen name, Mooxie. I am currently based in Fort Myers, FL and a graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University. I explore the arts as a means of self expression and sharing beauty with others. I enjoy all forms of creativity and art, though the majority of my work is currently focused on using paint as my medium. My art is heavily influenced by nature and my own self-reflection through meditative practices. Nature is often the space in which I create my art as well, because it offers me the feelings I am looking for and wish to express. The process of layering colors of paint becomes its own mediation with plentiful insight gained in its completion.


    I have found that my spirit speaks through my work, capturing the magick of a deeper meaning beyond the physical world. The subject of my paintings are spiritual messages that spark feelings, pulling the viewer into the mystery for a deeper look. I intentionally use strong vibrant colors, organic lines, and the symbolism of nature and religion to give the viewer a bridge with which to connect the world they see with the world they don’t. At the core of my work is the manifestation of divine energy through the flow of organic lines and the formation of spirals, which emanate the sacred in their moving stillness. When a work is completed, it offers not only its beauty to the viewer, but a focus of meditation and reflection. I hope to transcend beyond differing practices or levels of faith of the viewer, to offer them something that feels simple and true without labels.

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