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The Beginning of a New Era

Expanding into 2021 with a new fresh perspective of self.

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Hello, to anyone who sees this, I just want to say, Thank You.


You are the very reason why this blog, and even website, exist. To reach out to curious and engaged individuals who are drawn to my artwork or even my particular flavor of spirituality. It is your presence and this journey I am on, which calls me to step up and expand to meet the moment by sharing more of myself, not less.


Curiously, I love to write and often don't have a reason to. So I hope I can use this space to share more of my journey with the world as I develop my business as an artist and walk my spiritual path toward life with greater consciousness, gratitude, beauty and wellness. I hope that my words may resonate with those who are meant to receive them.


Peace & Blessings Friends,


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