Divine Feminine Art for the Awakened Age

If you're a feminine aligned individual in this current time period, it's hard not to notice the shift of the feminine collective into a greater state of mutual understanding when it comes to the life path. It's almost as though we've shared similar experiences, lessons and had similar veils removed. Less rose tinted glasses and more third eye clarity. These signs of commonality can be small and generally unseen, but conversations of depth can expose them easily. This awakening of the driving feminine crosses many generations and we are each equally activated no matter what step of the journey we are on. The change can happen within you without your conscious knowledge and some may still resist the inner work even if they welcome the change. There is no one path to this awakening of the divine feminine energy, only an opportunity to come into the fold. 

This awakening is an alignment of understanding, heralding in new ways, beliefs and core values of how we choose to create in this world. It chooses a restorative path that heals past wounds and rebuilds on a strong foundation of energetic alignment. We can only build as high as our roots grow deep and rotten roots will lead us nowhere good. Divine feminine energy has awoken as a collective first as the holder of space. To create a healthy foundation for the divine masculine to rise and be received. This is a long journey and we each play our own role in shifting the tides of the future. 

My role has been an interesting one. Like many, I did not see my path clearly and fell into the belief when I was younger that my talents weren't going to make me successful in this life by other's standards. I persisted in other directions in constant suffering. My unique style came as I painted my first channeled vision - one that came without substances of any kind. It was a curious experience - one that repeated many times over the last decade. Through that process and listening to my inner guidance as I healed within I was able to discover my path. 

As we step into this new world of awakened consciousness, many concepts cannot truly be conveyed with words. An old saying says 'a picture is worth a thousand words', but the truth is that some pictures are beyond words. They can convey emotions, move people to action and activate new consciousness as well. It's in this area that my work as a divine feminine artist truly shines. 

In the last 5 years of sharing my art publicly, particularly my channeled paintings, I have seen magic unfold before my very eyes. Viewers of all kinds unexpectedly drawn in as though the image itself was speaking it's own language to their heart. Those who are familiar with these kinds of experiences and experience it with my art usually feel  an immediate alignment with me. This often opens up dialogue about spiritual or deep topics that they feel I can understand and share with them. But there also those who's souls are seeking an awakening but have no idea what's happening. In those situations I am there to help translate the imagery and the calling they feel towards it. The greatest synchronicity for me however is how a single image can speak the loudest to the most people on a recurring basis.

For a few years that standout image was my "Gaia, Welcome Home" painting (featured as the photo for this post). I always felt it was Mother Earth calling people to return to her (nature reconnection). But since I painted "Waves" in 2022, it has easily become a main standout - reflecting people's need for immersion into their subconscious to do the inner healing work. While there are other strong contenders for these titles when I look at the sales numbers, I know that none truly compete from my personal experience of talking to crowds of people interacting with my artwork.

Through this journey of exploring my inner calling, putting visions of my soul on canvas with paint, then selling art prints and other merchandise of my work, I have discovered more of the importance of what I do. It's not about making the most money by selling only originals, creating scarcity with limited edition art prints or targeting a higher income bracket. My divine feminine art prints are meant to be in the hands of the people. Many people. These paintings are energy codes woven with emotion and symbolism. They bring their own blessings, wisdom and vibration. To bring them into your space is to work with their energy in both a subconscious and conscious manner. Without my paintings hanging on my walls, I feel that my desire to create diminishes. I have often found myself staring into them with deep mindful thought and listening to the answers they bring.

To put these art prints into the hands of people is equivalent to planting seeds of hope and healing across the world. These visions originate from a pure place of unconditional love for all of existence. I work as a channel for higher energies to bring balance into this chaotic world. It does not come with force and is instead an invitation to open to your own true beauty and love within. Understanding this purpose behind my career as an artist brings me a greater sense of commitment to see it through despite it's ups and downs. Knowing that my work supports the lives of many is truly a blessing I didn't think I would have the honor of experiencing. 

If you are interested in looking at my current work available, please visit a link to my shop at the bottom of the page. Thank you for reading and supporting my work. Please feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts or questions.



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