Danielle (aka Mooxie) is an Eco-Spiritual multimedia artist currently based in Southwest Florida. As a lifelong Floridian, she has been inspired by the state's bright tropical colors and sunny days. The concentration of her work is in acrylic paint with which she uses to channel energy and emotion into vibrant imagery that connects directly to the heart and soul. Her creations are part of a greater spiritual journey activating her Divine Feminine consciousness. Each painting is a reflection of some aspect of this journey. She finds joy in connecting viewers to the deeper meaning of her work. Danielle is also an educator, gardener, community organizer and activist.

  • Authenticity

    To inspire radically authentic expression - never letting fear of judgement dictate my life. To share a true piece of myself through my art that can genuinely connect with others on a deep level.

  • Empowerment

    To inspire and support women and others in overcoming limiting belief systems. To follow their dreams and step into their true power.

  • Awakening

    To speak openly through my art about the truths of my spiritual awakening journey. I seek to hold space for others to feel supported through their experiences.

  • Ethics

    To live my life and run my business with integrity and professionalism that honors myself and others.

  • Community

    To use my personal power and voice to support and advocate for community healing, growth and interconnectedness.

  • Love

    To reflect in all ways that "Love is the Answer". Choosing the higher road and being a beacon of light and safe space for those in need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eco-Spiritual Art?

Eco-spiritual is a term I use to describe nature-based spiritual practices. These are beliefs that honor the divinity of nature and how it is a great sacred teacher through its demonstration of cycles/patterns that reflect in all aspects of life. It can hold great wisdom to those willing to sit quietly and listen. In my art, I emulate nature's ability to teach deep concepts through symbolism that trigger our subconscious to interpret.

What is your spiritual journey?

My spiritual journey is one of self-discovery and stepping into my highest self. It has been unfolding throughout my life, but was initally fueled by many years of chaos and hardship that broke me away from everything I had known. I intentionally started by meditation journey in 2016, studying a wide range of practices including yoga, body scans, breathwork, and even cognitive behavioral therapy. I started by Reiki journey in 2017 and became a Reiki Master in 2020. I was a skeptical and fearful person prior to the inner work and nature reconnecting I did. My beliefs are rooted in experience and I take a universalist approach that we must all tap into our own unique truth and resonance to find our way. Many times, the journey chooses you and the conscious mind has no control of the experiences that occur. Over the years, my intuitive and psychic gifts have increased, including empathic sensitivity and receiving telepathic messages from spirits.

Why purusue the arts?

It is my natural gift - something I have been doing my whole life. That doesn't mean I thought it was a viable career, but this journey has made me look at limiting beliefs and forge paths where few travel. Intuition has always been guiding me and it encouraged me, along with many people, that my art was valid and needed to be shared. I took the first steps in 2018, but by the end of 2019 my spiritual guidance said it was time to make a focused effort in full pursuit. It ended up being the perfect job in the era of Covid. But at the base of it all, the arts are a means of freely and autentically expressing myself. My business and brand are a reflection of me as a person where I can be raw and real rather than fitting myself in other people's boxes and being underappreciated. The arts allow me to connect with strangers in a personal way and this supports the evolution of my own self-love.

What's your experience/educational background?

I'm a lifelong artist throughout all my school years. Highschool focused on AP Portfolio classes, but also 2.5 years of Stagecraft and managing backstage theater crews. I attended 1 year at Ringling College of Art and Design in Computer Animation. Continued later, due to finances, at Florida Gulf Coast University in the Honors College and received my Bachelors in Early Childhood Education with minors in Art and Interdisciplinary Studies. Studied and mentored students in meditation at FGCU for 3 years and was the President of our meditation club for 2 years. I have been creating my eco-spiritual paintings since 2010 and vending since 2019. I have vended at a wide range of events and festivals and completed commisions including murals, portraits, digital illustrations and channeled paintings.