Collection: Handmade Crafts

Our collection of handmade creations, where sustainable art meets soulful expression. From upcycled dreamcatcher decor and hair accessories to super soft velvet wearable pieces, each expresses divine femininity through a range of colorful expression, flowing composition and thoughtfulness towards the planet and it's inhabitants. While these crafts can be enjoyed by more than just women, they are made with empowering and enhancing the feminine experience in mind.

Dreamcatchers are made of upcycled costume jewelry and wild foraged Florida grapevine, sometimes adorned with additional crystals. Their purpose is more than decorative. These dreamcatchers can be seen as a spiritual charm, hanging altar, or simply a decorative reminder of the feelings they evoke or a life path you choose to walk. Their unique colorful expressions are meant to evoke a unique experience within you towards your spiritual journey. Hang these dreamcatchers in your home or car - whatever your intuition calls you to!

Our hairclip beads are made of upcycled beads and deconstructed costume jewelry that has been donated towards this repurposing. The clips are not upcycled, but are a small contribution towards giving these beads a new life. Each strand is meticulously curated with a unique energy and color frequency in mind - to find its home with a specific divine feminine meant to find it. Shine your truest self by adding this strand sparkle and flare to your hair. One of a kind - just like you!

Before these crafts, our colorful crochet products were our original contribution to empowering the divine feminine experience. With velvet bralettes and tops, we created with the vision that everyone can love their bodies and feel comfortable in them. Now we've expanded to include hair scrunchies in that same color collection of velvet yarn. Match all your favorite outfits or just keep your favorite color handy for that little boost of joy in life.